Take Your Coaching Business Online in 30 days or Less

A 30-day online program to help you seamlessly take your business online so you can get more leads that turn into clients.


Do You Lack the Time & Expertise to Take Your Coaching Business ONLINE?

  • Are you wasting time and money trying to figure out how to take your business online?
  • Does learning software & tech make your head hurt?
  • Do you have a website, but it's 'crickets' and it doesn't generate subscribers or sales?
  • Are you struggling to start your email list?
  • Do you want to deliver your programs or courses online but it feels too complicated?
  • Is the tech rabbit hole costing you time & money?
  • Are you tired of watching other coaches attract your potential clients online?

Most coaches struggle to set up their business online, attract clients and sell their services/programs online because they lack the time and expertise.

At Take Your Coaching Business ONLINE, you'll learn a simple framework that helps coaches like you create a strong online foundation (which is a must) to market & sell your services online.


When you have a strong online foundation for your business, you can stand out from the competition & get more leads that turn to clients.


Hi - I’m Lisa M, Tech Consultant, Business Coach & Certified Life Coach.

I help women like you set up your coaching business ONLINE in 30 days (or less) -- from start to finish, without overwhelm--so you can get more leads that turn into clients (and make more money).


Too many women struggle with trying to set up their coaching business ONLINE because they lack the time and expertise.


That's why I created a simple framework that helps you take your business ONLINE, from start to finish, in 30 days or less, by creating a strong online business foundation (which is a must) for your business, so you can stand out from the competition and get more leads that turn into clients.

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The Simple System Framework™  is easy to learn and do (even if you're tech challenged).

Imagine...helping more people, making more money, scaling & growing your business ONLINE.

You'll have all the 'online stuff' set up and a marketing message that attracts clients--so you can grow your coaching business ONLINE.

You'll feel confident and be competent so you naturally attract more leads and generate more sales ONLINE.

You'll be free from tech overwhelm.  You'll build a strong online foundation (which is a must) for your business that helps you stand out from the competition and gets more leads that turn into clients.

 THIS a great way to start your coaching business online.

You deserve it. It's possible for YOU.



As your Tech Guide, Business & Life coach, I'll help you learn and apply The Simple System Framework™ in 4 Simple Steps so you can have the ONLINE coaching business YOU want and deserve in 30 days or less.

Step 1:

How to get clear & confident

Learn the online business foundations for a successful ONLINE business.

Step 2:

How to set up the tech you need for an ONLINE business

Simple step-by-step instructions to help you set up your coaching business ONLINE.

Step 3:

How to create your clear marketing message

Attract more leads that turn into clients & customers AND help you stand out from the competition.

Step 4:

How to sell your programs, services, courses, memberships ONLINE

Help more people & make more money.

How Does it Work?

How Do You Help Me Take My Coaching Business Online in 30 Days (or less)?

Follow these three simple steps.


Register for the Program.🙌

Fill out the short survey to ensure the program will work for you.


Start (and complete) the 30-Day Program.😃

Upon registering, be sure to check your email (and spam folders) for your log-in information.


Launch your business ONLINE, (in 30 days or less).🎉

Start generating leads that turn into clients & stand out from your competition.



...Going from Overwhelmed & Tech-challenged to Confident & Growing Your Coaching Business ONLINE in 30 days (or less). 


In 30-days (or less), you'll have:

  • a website that generates subscribers & sales
  • a marketing message that is clear and makes you stand out from the competition and generates leads that turn into clients. (This message can be used on your website, in your social media and at networking events.)
  • a lead magnet that your leads will WANT to have
  • your email autoresponder (software) set up to deliver your lead magnet & emails
  • your payment processor set up so you can get paid online
  • your program/course/membership set up, and ready to be delivered to clients & customers online,
  • plus so much more.

If you don't know what I'm talking about above... Don't worry!  I've got your back. I'll break everything down for you in very simple step-by-step processes.

Plus we'll have fun every step of the way -- all the way until mission accomplished -- your launch day! 


to Help You Start, Take or Grow Your Coaching Business ONLINE

Next Program Starts 4/1/2020 🎉

Take Your Coaching Business Online in 30 Days (or less)


Introductory Price - One Time Payment

You're Online 30-Day Program Includes:

  • Written, video and audio trainings that are released daily for 30 days.
  • Digital worksheets that you submit and receive feedback to ensure you're doing it right. 
  • Checklists to keep you on track.
  • Done-for-you templates to save you time
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday Office Hours and Live Coaching for immediate feedback and answers to your questions.
  • 24/7 written Q&A (Ask your written question, get an answer within 24 hours).
  • A never-get-stuck guarantee
  • Access to our fun & supportive Facebook community.
  • 45-day access to the program. Your mission should you choose to accept it -- is to finish the program and launch your business ONLINE -- in 30 days or less.
  • 14-day money back guarantee.


You'll learn the tech & software in a simple step-by-step process so you can easily run your coaching business online. 



How to Take Your Coaching Business ONLINE in 8 Steps


Start Your First Lesson Now

Free 8-Part Course (via email)

What you get:

  • 8 ultra-short emails with easy-to-implement tips. (You'll receive 1 email for 8 days -- so you don't get overwhelmed.)
  • Discover 5 mistakes that most online coaches make (don't make them too)
  • Learn how you can stand out from the competition & win more business


  • Complimentary 30-minute Session with Lisa for Q&A or feedback

 What Makes The Simple System Framework™ so Different?

What is The Simple System Framework™?

The Simple System Framework™ teaches you how to take your coaching business online without overwhelm in 30 days less.


You'll learn the foundations for taking your coaching business online. Then, you'll implement the foundations. You'll get so much clarity during this step.


Next, you'll learn and implement the tech that goes with the online business foundations.


(AND we'll have fun all along the way!)


So when you're done learning & implementing, you'll have your coaching business online AND know how to do everything yourself (in 30 days or less). 🎉



What I've noticed and experienced first hand...

...is that most business consultants/coaches charge thousands of dollars to teach you online principles and foundations, but they don't teach the tech that goes along with implementing the principles. 


  • Or web designers will charge you thousands of dollars for a website that looks nice but doesn't invite subscribers and sales.
  • Or, consultants will set up the tech for you. But then you're dependent on a VA (virtual assistant) or a consultant to create or make changes for you.


Then you're left to still figure out the tech yourself--which is overwhelming & frustrating and time consuming, especially if you're not tech-savvy. 😡


For example, you're left to figure out:

> How to get a domain name

> How to create your website? What host provider to use

> How to use your website to invite subscribers and sales

> What to actually say on your website

> What logo to use

> How to set up Google Console and Google Analytics

> How to set up your Facebook Pixel on your website and landing pages

> How to set up and use your email autoresponder

> How to link your lead magnet to your landing page

> How to deliver your lead magnet

> How to start your email list

> How to follow up with subscribers and make offers

> What to say in your emails to your subscribers

> How to create and sell your online program or course

> Which software to use to sell your online course/program

> How to get paid online

> How to process payments & refunds

> The best way deliver your course online

> How to use your scheduler for appointments

> How to link the scheduler to a landing page or your website

> How to record a video

> Where to host your videos

> How to have video consultations and record them and send them to your prospects and clients

> and on and on.


You get the point.


The Framework I teach, guides you to (1) get clear on what you want and exactly how you help people, (2) gain confidence, (3) learn the online foundations AND the tech, (4) & then implement everything you've learned so you can get more leads that turn into clients and customers. 


Tech doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. It's NOT scary when you have the Simple System Framework™ to guide you.


The Simple System Framework™ Framework WILL work for any type of coach that wants to:

  • attract leads and clients online
  • start an email list
  • get paid online
  • coach your clients 1-to-1
  • coach your clients 1-to-few
  • coach your clients 1-to-many
  • sell programs or courses
  • sell self-study courses
  • sell subscriptions to your membership program


Once you learn how to implement and use the tech in your business, you'll always know how to use it. 🙌


Then you can focus on helping more people and growing your business online.


As your Tech Guide, Business & Life Coach, I'll teach & guide you through the Simple System Framework™ and help you create your coaching business online quickly, without fluff or wasting more of your time and money. 


Don't take my word for it, register for your workshop today, and see what's possible for you and how simple it is to take your business online (even if you don't think it's possible for you right now).



You can stay stuck, overwhelmed or tech-challenged, waste time and money trialing and learning all the tools and software (like I did).

You can continue to buy self-study courses and watch more YouTube videos and post questions in Facebook Groups (like I did)


You can Take Your Coaching Business Online attract clients and generate sales online.

You deserve to stand out from the competition and have a profitable and scalable coaching business online.

Register Now. Start creating your coaching business online TODAY.

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Lisa M Michele, Tech Consultant, Business & Life Coach, Founder of Take Your Coaching Business ONLINE, helps women take their coaching business online in 30 days or less & create a strong online foundation, so they stand out from the competition and get more leads that turn into clients.





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