Does this sound familiar?

 Perhaps you feel burned out.  You feel miserable or stuck. You want more for your life.  You want different results in your life or business than you're experiencing.

✨Maybe your health, weight, job, business or relationships are suffering.

There's something slowing you or holding you back from what you want:

🔥You don't know how to create the result you want

🔥Or you know how, you just don't do it or follow through

🔥Or you don't think it's possible to a make change

🔥Or you're afraid

🔥Or you think it will take too long

🔥Or you think that you're too old to make a change


When you create the results that you've been thinking or dreaming about:

🌸You'll be happier

🌸more fulfilled & balanced

🌸have more time freedom & flexibility

🌸make a bigger impact

🌸live your purpose & passion


Whatever result YOU want to create, it's possible for you.

Consider taking a look at my life coaching program for women like you:

✨ No matter what you're thinking or feeling, the life or business you want is possible.

✨ A life coach might be exactly what you need to help you reach your goals. To make the meaningful changes you want and that are important to you.  To create the results that you want. 

The Life Coaching Program I created might be the solution to your problem. It's called LisaM's INNER CIRCLE.

You see, I had this same problems...

That's why I created the program I wish had been available when I felt miserable and stuck. I felt stuck in my job/career. My health was suffering. I was over-drinking. I almost lost hope. I did figure it out, but it took a long time.  I don't want it to take a long time for you.




Once you're inside the program, you can expect:

You'll create results in areas of your life that are important to you.  But not only that, you'll notice that most areas of your life will also be positively impacted too.  

You'll make the changes that you want. You'll start taking the actions you want and stop taking the actions that you don't want.

You'll create or 'design' the life or business you want. Whatever that looks like for you...

What results do you want to create?

  • Wake up every day and live your purpose and passion
  • Achieve and maintain weight loss
  • Make a bigger impact
  • Travel more
  • Have the laptop lifestyle
  • Have the business you've been dreaming about
  • Quite your job or change careers
  • Have a better relationship/staying married & happy
  • Stop over-drinking or over-eating
  • Make more money
  • Have financial freedom.
  • Have time freedom & flexibility
  • Or do or have whatever is important to YOU.

Hi - I’m LisaM, Certified Life Coach.


The simplest way to explain what I do is...

...I help women create the results they want in their life.


I'm the life 'design' coach that heart-centered entrepreneurs like you come to when they want to:

  • make changes or create different results in areas of their life that are important to them
  • pursue their purpose/passion
  • create a way to do what's important to them.


Too many people feel stuck, miserable or burned out in areas of their life. They've reached a breaking point and know they want to make changes or create different results in their life.  But they don't know how.  They don't think it's possible to make change. Or that it will take too long. Or that they're too old to make a change.


I totally get it. That was me too.

That's why I created a life coaching framework that helps you:

(1) overcome what's holding you back

(2) get clear & confident on what you want & don't want in your life  

(3) design a plan for your transformation and future-self or business

(4) take action so that you create different results in your life or business, live your purpose or passion & do what's important to you.

It's possible for you.  You deserve to live your passion and make the contribution that you desire.


I felt stuck and miserable in my job and life.  I didn't think change was possible. It was also impacting my health.


But I was finally able to make a change and create different results in my life.


I was in the corporate world for almost 20 years, in corporate finance, helping multi-billion and multi-million corporations (publicly traded and privately held) make money. I worked for an online software giant, (you've probably heard of it) Intuit TurboTax, which was my first introduction to online sales and marketing funnels.


After almost 20 years and many long work weeks, I was burned out and miserable. My health was suffering. I had high blood pressure & adrenal fatigue.  I called my office my jail cell. Can you relate?


In mid-2015, I quit my last corporate job with no real plan in mind.  I had hit my breaking point.  I knew I would never go back to the corporate world--my mind was made up.


I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do.  But I took some imperfect action. 


I felt called to become a certified health coach (2016) after I was able to improve my health on my own through nutrition & fitness. This led me to become a certified personal trainer (2016), which led me to become a certified nutrition coach (2017) and this led me to become a certified life coach (2017)


AND all of this, led me to create my life coaching program to help heart-centered entrepreneurs design their life, make changes and create different results in the areas of their life that are important to them.


My life coaching practice is my current focus. It's what I was called to do. It took some time to figure it out. But I just kept moving forward and taking action until everything just felt right in my soul.


This is my purpose & passion, helping people like you design their life and create amazing results in their life.


Please never give up on what's possible for you, what you want, always follow your heart ❤️and your calling. 


There will always be ups and downs and it might not be a straight path to the end goal. But it's always worth it in the end.


If you're ready to start designing your life, making meaningful changes and creating different results in your life or business, then enroll in my LIFE 'design' COACHING program now.


Not sure if Life Coaching is right for you?

That's why I'm offering you TWO WEEKS FREE ACCESS to my INNER CIRCLE LIFE COACHING Program. And hey, guess what, there's NO credit card required to check out the program for two weeks.

You can start right now creating amazing and life-changing results in your life (or business).


If I Can Take Massive & Imperfect Action, so Can You


I finally broke free and left my corporate career of almost 20 years in 2015. I thought I was stuck. I thought there was no way to make a change. But after I left, I never looked back. Never regretted it.  Now I get to make a bigger impact and live my purpose and passion.


After I left my career/job, I started a health coaching business. I became a certified nutrition coach, certified health coach, certified personal trainer & then a certified life coach.


In my health coaching business, I helped women lose weight without dieting or counting calories or macros.


What I found is that my Framework can be applied to not only weight loss, but ANY area in life that you want to change and create results.


I used this Framework to get in the best shape of my life, to start three businesses and triple my income compared to my six-figure corporate job salary.


In 2016, I also started a mobile notary signing agent business. This was a very flexible business--I worked when I wanted.  I became a notary (obviously) and notarized mortgage documents for home buyers/sellers and people that refinanced their homes.


In 2018, I started a vacation rental business with my partner that generates passive income.  We own two five-star houseboats (and two more houseboats on the way) that we rent to vacationers in San Diego, where we live.   Did we plan on doing this?  No.  But we created a way to make it happen.


To get more personal, I stopped over-drinking.  Got healthy.  Got in the best shape of my life. Finally got clear skin.  Found a partner & in the longest relationship I've ever had. This is all just the 'tip of the iceberg' of results I've been able to create. If I can do these things, so can you!

As your life coach, I'll teach you the framework and help you apply it to areas of your life that you want to change and create results.


Can you see what's possible for you?


Anything is possible for you.


You can make changes.


You can create any result you want. 


I will help you.

I created an all-inclusive LIFE COACHING PROGRAM for heart-centered entrepreneurs like you. 


--You'll learn & apply my Create Your Results Framework™ to design your life so you can make meaningful changes and create different results in your life that are important to you.


--This is important to you because when you follow the Framework in this program, you'll create the results you desire so you feel fulfilled and live the life you deserve.

There's another reason my program isn't like most of the other programs you'll find online


You'll also learn my Simple System Framework™. 


The Simple System Framework™ is a simple 4-step process that helps you start or grow your business.


You won't have to waste any more time or money trying to figure out how to start or grow your business.


It really is an all-inclusive LIFE 'design' COACHING program.