"Am I living my fullest potential? Are there changes I can make to better my life?"

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Question:  I'd like to know if I am living my fullest potential? Are there changes I can make to better my life? At times I just feel lost. I have a career but I can't say I'm happy. I don't know which direction to go in life. I feel that my insecurities and doubts prevent me from truly living my life or trusting my decisions.

 LisaM:   Thank you for your question.  This is a common question. 


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The fact that you're asking this question, indicates that you may not be living your fullest potential. 


Because if you felt that you were living your fullest potential, you wouldn't be asking this question.  You'd feel it deep in your soul that you ARE, indeed, living your fullest potential. 


As you mentioned, you have a career, but you're not happy. 

"Place your intention on what you want.  See 'it' as something you really believe in.

Instead of focusing on how much money you're going to make. Focus on how much good you're going to do and how much service you're going to give. 

Then visualize it and watch it grow."  

-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

You deserve to be happy.  You deserve to feel joy and enjoy your life every day.  Going to a job or having a career, just to make a living...Is that really the best way to live the one life you're given?

Right now, you're thriving. You're existing. You're making money in a career that doesn't make you happy. But are you really LIVING

When you say 'I don't know which direction to go in life' you're stealing your joy, your happiness, your fullest potential, perhaps even your life's purpose or the life you were intended to have. 

But what if you did know the direction you're supposed to go in life?

What if deep down inside you did know your direction? 

Or what if you know your current direction is not the right direction (even if you don't know your 'right' direction)?  It's ok not to know you're right direction. 

I've also experienced the same thoughts you're thinking. You can read about how it impacted me here. My thoughts and unhappiness ultimately impacted my mental & physical health.  I quit my 20 year 'successful' career. 

I, too, was scared to make a change. Heck, I didn't even know what I was going to do.

All I knew was that I was miserable.  I felt stuck. I felt stuck in my career.  I felt stuck making money.  I felt stuck being 'successful'.

I was thinking, "If I left my job, then how would I survive?"  I was single and supporting myself in southern California. "What would I do?"  It took a few trips around the sun (ie a few years) to figure everything out.  But I figured it out. And so can YOU.

Ever hear the stories where people get laid off from their (high) paying jobs and a few years later they say, "It was the best thing that ever happened to me"?

Your insecurities and doubts are your feelings that just might be holding you back from having the life that you're supposed to have.  A life you love to wake up to every morning. 

Here's a question I want you to ask yourself right now.

If you had $1 Billion dollars in the bank right now, would you stay in your career/job?

If you answered no, then you've got some thinking to do about your life and living your fullest potential. 

If I had $1B in the bank right now, I'd still be doing exactly what I'm doing right now, every day.  I'd get to help a lot more people, at a larger scale, but I'd be doing exactly what I'm doing now.

Side note: It took some time for me to figure it out and get here. It definitely didn't happen over night. 

If you would've asked me this question in 2014, and I would've answered 'HECK NO!  I'M OUTTA HERE! TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!' 

Look at Elon Musk and Warren Buffet, they have billions, but they do what they do every day because it's their purpose. It's their passion. It's their life's work.

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The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.

-Pablo Picasso

Question to Ask Yourself: If you have infinite money to take care of your needs, your loved ones, and to fund what you really want to do every day...what would you do? Would you stay where you are...or would you make changes?

Here are some ideas to help get your thoughts going:

  • Would you volunteer more?
  • Would you do something to change the world...like invent something like facebook but 20X better?
  • Would you help people or animals in need?
  • Would you invent a product that will change people's lives?
  • Would you start a company that will give people jobs and support families?
  • Would you start a non-profit about something you're passionate about?
  • Would you travel the world and meet new people?
  • Would you spend more time with your family and do something fun with them everyday?
  • Would you move to your dream country or city?
  • Would you write a book? Would you help others publish their books?
  • Would you relax, take walks, read books, feed your brain every day?

When you answer this question honestly, you'll discover the possibilities for living your fullest potential.  There's no right or wrong answer. But don't limit yourself by automatically saying well that's not possible for me.  Because anything is possible for you as long as you can think the thought.  

Do the exercise I mentioned above.  Do it today.  Do it now.  Then send me an email or comment below and let me know what you'd do every day if you had $1B dollars in the bank.  


LisaM ❤️

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