1-to-1 Private Coaching with LisaM (30-min session)

Feel Better Now! Also, includes a follow-up session


♦ Sometimes you need a Life Coach to listen to you right now.

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Transform Your Life - Coaching Program (Group)

NOW ENROLLING. Get Unstuck and Create Your Own Freedom so You Feel Better & Live the Life You Want & Deserve--on your own Terms.

♦  Want to lose weight and keep it off permanently? How about have a more loving and lasting relationship with your partner or family?  How does have and create more wealth in a fulfilling career or double your business sound to you?   It's possible for you. 

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VIP Private Coaching (1-to-1)

1-to-1 Unlimited Coaching with Life Coach LisaM (3 month program)


Ready to get Unstuck?


This program is completely tailored to you so that you create a specific result that you want for your life in 90 days.