It's finally time for you to get unstuck so you feel better and have the life you want & deserve.

It's possible for you!

The Transform Your Life Coaching Program is now open for enrollment.


It's one thing to live your life...

It’s another thing entirely to have your own freedom and live a life you enjoy everyday.

But here’s the thing: you won't have your own freedom and a life you enjoy every day--the life you want and deserve--until you get unstuck, take control of it, have confidence and make life happen for you, not to you. 

And what’s keeping you from having the life you want and deserve?  

If you’re like most of the women I help, you feel stuck. You feel like change isn't possible for you.

That's why I created this truly unique life transformation coaching program, for women like you, to help you get unstuck, get out of your own way, and create your own freedom so you feel better and have the life you want and deserve--on your own terms.

So many women tell me….

♦ They worked hard to get where they're at, but deep down inside they're not happy or something feels like it's missing

♦ They feel unfulfilled in their relationships, experience relationship problems, heartache with partners/family, or can't seem to be a relationship for very long


♦ They have everything all together from the outside looking in, but on the inside they're experiencing negative emotions

♦ They feel unfulfilled in their career they worked so hard for

♦ They self-sabotage their success and sometimes their health or weight too


♦ They want areas of their life to be better than they are

If this is YOU, I totally get it.

Hi - I’m LisaM, I'm a Certified Life Coach.

I help women over forty get unstuck and create their own freedom so they feel better and finally have the life they want and deserve--on their own terms.

When you're living the life you want and deserve, these things also fall into place.

  • Better Relationships
  • Better Health, Less Stress
  • More Wealth/Money
  • Purpose & Passion

Learn how to get out of your own way and break through your self-limiting barriers and negative emotions that are getting in the way of your success.

It's time for you to feel better and have the life you want--one filled with your purpose & passion--a life you truly enjoy.
Start having the life you love waking up to every morning! ❤️

If I Can Get Unstuck, So Can You!

For twenty years, I was in the corporate world with a short detour as a restaurant owner (until a nasty divorce). 

But life hasn't always a bucket of joy.  I wasn't really happy in my life or my career, despite looking like it from the outside (looking in).  Actually, I was pretty miserable. I felt super stuck. Not just stuck...super stuck. I felt like change wasn't possible for me.

I had created this life that I really didn't enjoy and I didn't know how to change it.

I've been divorced...twice.  Lost everything (I mean everything) in my second divorce. My relationships have never lasted very long. I experienced lots of heartache. Oh, and I've started my life over from scratch...three three different cities. 

But everything changed when I escaped the grip of (& quit) my high-paying corporate career in 2014 (I was over 40), and got serious about getting unstuck and taking control of my life.

I was finally able to improve my health (lower blood pressure/stress/anxiety and heal my adrenal fatigue & lifelong cystic acne), lose weight and get into the best shape of my life, have the longest relationship I've ever had, heal my relationships with my divorced parents, stop over-drinking and self-sabotaging my success AND started and run two successful businesses. AND now I get to wake up every morning to a life I truly love. AND so can YOU!

From my life's experiences and learning life-changing tools and techniques as a life coach, I've created a process of how to GET UNSTUCK and TAKE CONTROL of and TRANSFORM YOUR OWN LIFE so you can stop wasting time, feeling bad or any other negative emotion and trying to figure everything out on your own. 

Simply follow my unique process and watch your self, your relationships, your health, your career/wealth--every area of your life get unstuck and transform right before your eyes into the life you want and deserve.  So you wake up every morning to a life you love and live life on your terms.

That process is the foundation of the Transform Your Life Coaching Program.

Is the Transform Your Life Coaching Program right for you?

The Transform Your Life Coaching Program is for you if you're ready to get unstuck & take control of your own life.  You're tired of trying to figure out your life, your relationships, your career path/money, and your feelings on your own.  You know there's more to life and you're ready for help with yours.

This program isn’t for everyone.  There's work involved when you're making changes and improving.

Think about if you were to hire a swim coach. The swim coach will teach you the techniques to improve your strokes and make you a better swimmer. They will coach you as you're doing the work, but they can't swim for you.  You have to swim and apply what you're learning, in order to become a better swimmer.

The same applies for this life coaching program.  You have to apply what you're learning to your life. You can't just learn and expect to get unstuck and have your life change.  You have to do 'the work'.  And sometimes that can be uncomfortable.  But on the other side of your uncomfortable is the life you want and deserve! I will be your guide, your coach, and I will help you every step of your way.

Here's how you'll know if it’s a good fit:

♦ You want to learn and apply my unique process and framework that will help you get unstuck, create your own freedom and self-transform your own life into the life you want and create your own freedom. How freeing does that sound? 

Use this unique process and framework to create these results in your life:

♦️ Improve your relationships, develop relationships

♦️ Change your career path, make more money, create more wealth

♦️ Know how to get through anything that life throw you, handle difficult situations and manage any negative emotions

♦️ Achieve better health, less stress, permanent weight loss

♦️ Find and live your purpose

♦️ Make decisions and follow through on them

♦️ Input your result here (even if it's not on this list) because you can use this process to literally create any result that you want for your life.

♦ You want an individualized coaching program that you can apply specifically to what you want for your life AND a program that includes group coaching

♦ You want to feel happy, fulfilled & purposeful

♦ You want better relationships (with others and yourself)

♦ You want more self-confidence

♦ You are open to receive coaching and apply what you're learning to your life

♦ You want an experienced & certified life coach with true life experience and that cares about you, your transformation and the results you want for your life. (Yes, that's me.)  

♦ You are a woman/person at least 40 years old and identify as she/her/hers.

Still not sure if the Transform Your Life Coaching Program is right for you, schedule your complimentary consultation with LisaM.

The Details

When you sign up for your Transform Your Life Coaching Program you’ll be directed to sign up for your Orientation Life Coaching Session with LisaM.

During your 60-minute orientation coaching session, we'll work together on an individualized path for your program based on what you want for your life.  You'll start with the area where you feel the most stuck:  Relationships & Love / Career, Money, Wealth / Self-development / Health & Weight loss. 

After your Orientation Coaching Session with LisaM, you'll get started!  WooHoo!

Once you’re in this coaching program, you’re in – for life. You’ll have access to the material, weekly LIVE training sessions, weekly LIVE group coaching calls for as long as the program is available.   Plus all updates or additional content added is included free of charge. 

THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE COURSE. THIS IS A LIFE COACHING PROGRAM TO HELP YOU GET UNSTUCK & CREATE YOUR OWN FREEDOM SO YOU FEEL BETTER AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE INTO THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT AND DESERVE.  You'll have a clear path and receive the coaching you want and need to get you from where you are now to where you want to be and what you want to have.

This is a live taught group coaching program with individualized coaching.  The weekly LIVE trainings & group coaching calls will take place at various times each week on Zoom.  If you can't attend the live trainings or group coaching calls, you can watch the replays inside your members area (a password protected website). 


You Get

Lifetime Access to the Program


Once you're in this program, you have access to all the material, all new material / any updates, LIVE WEEKLY trainings and LIVE WEEKLY coaching calls for the lifetime of the program.

Training & Coaching calls are on Zoom.

This also means you have a Life Coach available for you whenever you need or want one.

Weekly LIVE Coaching

Get your questions answered by LisaM during these LIVE weekly group coaching sessions.  This is an opportunity to receive coaching on any topic from LisaM. You'll also benefit from watching other women receive coaching on their questions/situations.

Replays available in your members area.

Weekly LIVE Trainings

Each week, you'll learn new tools and techniques to add to your 'life' toolkit.

You'll learn how to apply what you're learning to your life. 

We'll cover all the topics that you face every day so that you never get stuck.

Ask Your Life Coach LisaM

Inside your members area, you can submit your written questions on any topic you need help with so you never feel stuck.  You can ask as many questions as you want 24/7.  You'll get an individualized written, voice or video response to your question from LisaM.

Can I Give You Some Amazing Bonuses? 🎁

But you'll need to act fast...before they expire on Oct 31, 2020. 💨

Bonus 1:  Unlimited 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions

Your first three months in this program, you get unlimited 1-to-1 coaching sessions with LisaM.

How it works: Simply finish your homework assignment, assigned by you, before scheduling your next coaching session.

Each coaching session is 15 minutes. 15 minute sessions are all you'll need!

Bonus 2:  Save $500

The Transform Your Life Coaching Program is my new signature program. 🎉

For a limited time only, your Transform Your Life Coaching Program is $1,500 USD.

That means you save $500 USD!

Special condition: You agree to participate in my Feedback Group and fill out surveys about the program from time to time.

If you agree to the special condition, use Code: FEEDBACK500 at checkout for $500 off your program.

Your feedback will help me improve the program and help you have the life you want and deserve even faster.

30-Day Risk-free Guarantee


You have a 30-Day NO-RISK GUARANTEE.  I believe in my coaching program, and in you, so much, that I will take away all of your risk so you're left with ZERO excuses.

After learning and applying what I teach you in this program, if you aren’t completely satisfied, I will PayPal you the purchase price of your program.


♦  Submit request via email. Within 48 hours after day 30 of your program start date.

♦  Attend a minimum of one 1-to-1 coaching session each week with LisaM with your homework completed

♦  Be on at least 3 Live Training and/or Coaching Calls

♦  Supply your (self-assigned) week 1 - 4 Homework Finished

How it Works:

The Transform Your Life Coaching Program for Women

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Are You Ready to Finally Get Unstuck and Create Your Own Freedom so you Feel Better and Have the Life You Want & Deserve?

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